Can porcelain be used for elevated floorings like balconies or rooftop terraces? The good news is yes. And there are multiple excellent reasons to choose this aesthetically beautiful and technically advanced product for your rooftop terrace or balcony.

The technical properties of porcelain tile for use in rooftop terraces have many advantages over competing materials. Porcelain tile for raised flooring is designed to be thicker (20 millimeters or about three-quarters of an inch), making it stronger and more stable. It’s easier to install: no grout, adhesive or other fixative is required. As a bonus, a porcelain tile is much lighter than a concrete or stone tile of the same size tile which makes it easier to transport.

Hide unsightly structures like pipes or wiring. If you change your mind, they are easy to move, remove or replace after installation.

Today’s porcelain tiles are highly resistant to stains, frost, fire, mold, mildew, slips, fading, scratches, water damage, salt and chemicals, extreme cold or heat, and heavy loads. Happily, they require virtually no maintenance. And you will enjoy their look and endurance for years.

Most importantly, nothing can beat the color, style, and beauty of porcelain.

For the technical superiority, easy installation, minimal maintenance, enduring reliability and unmatched beauty of porcelain tile for your balcony or a rooftop terrace, why use anything else?

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