Trust the experts at Beto-Briq to make your small and large outdoor projects a reality. Whether you’d like to pave your terrace, enhance your pool’s appearance or create a lovely driveway leading up to your front door, we have the most beautiful and highest quality accessories available.

Masonry / Architectural

Give your home charisma and elegance with our selection of brick and stone. At Beto-Briq, you’ll find materials to inspire your exterior cladding and masonry projects. Stone veneer, brick and stone, clay brick and architectural collection — it all depends on your preference!

Stone Veneer

Although stone and brick veneer are unquestionably the best materials for covering your home’s exterior, they can also enhance the interior. Whether to cover your fireplace wall, chimney, kitchen or basement, stone veneer and brick veneer can give any room a refined or sophisticated feel.

Exterior Porcelain

Surface effects, versatility of sizes, thicknesses, accessories and decorations constitute a variegated set of solutions from which to draw inspiration, with the certainty of an advanced design, capable of interpreting the ceramic material in line with the latest trends and lifestyles.


Porcelain be used for elevated floorings like balconies or rooftop terraces? The good news is yes. And there are multiple excellent reasons to choose this aesthetically beautiful and technically advanced product for your rooftop terrace or balcony.

Supplies and Accessories

Beto-Briq sells a wide variety of products to complement its selection of stones and bricks. We are also able to provide landscaping materials, such as soil, turf and gravel, in addition to quality sand and other masonry products. You’ll find everything you need for your projects.