Welcome to Distribution Beto-briq Inc.

Beto-Briq is The Primary Distributor of Landscaping and Masonry Materials

Distribution BETO-BRIQ Inc is a family business that provides products and solutions with the most respected and reputable brand names in the landscaping, architectural products, and masonry industry. Whether you have a landscaping, masonry, or cladding project and need products such as bricks, cladding, or pavers Distribution BETO-BRIQ has the solution. We distribute brands such as Del Conca, Shouldice, Permacon, Tech-Bloc, Glengery, Palmetto Brick, Hebron Brick, Watsontown brick, Eterno Ivica and many more. Distribution BETO-BRIQ is both a retailer and wholesaler servicing customers with our dynamic and experienced outside and inside sales team providing extraordinary service levels to both contractors and individuals. We are located in Saint-Eustache and we serve the greater Montreal area.


Patio Stones, Flagstones, Slabs, Pavers for Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Terraces, Decks and more


Masonry materials such as bricks, concrete, clay bricks and architectural collection for your home or building

Exterior Porcelain

The ultimate alternative to concrete slab pavers


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